Carolyn Strauss, Professional Emcee/ Keynote Speaker

Carolyn Strauss, Professional Emcee/ Keynote Speaker

Denver, Colorado 80236


Events are expensive. Content can be found online. Attendee expectations are higher than ever. How do you ensure your event is a success?
Carolyn Strauss is your answer! Whether you need a skilled emcee to optimize the flow of your event, or an inspiring speaker to enhance your audience’s mindset, skillset, and toolset, Carolyn will help you achieve ALL your event’s objectives. With more than 30 years of hosting and speaking experience, Carolyn is the secret more than 500 event planners just like you have used to elevate their events from ordinary to amazing.
“This is our second year with Carolyn in the role of emcee. She continues to exceed our expectations with her ability to connect with our audience, create energy and enthusiasm, and assist with conference preparation!” Karen R, CML
Estimated Price: $10K+ per Event

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Denver, Colorado 80236

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""Whenever I am planning a large event and I need someone to take the stage and keep things running smoothly, I bring Carolyn in as my emcee. From ballrooms to outdoor events in City Park, Carolyn handles any situation that comes at her with grace, professionalism and humor. She has a joyful willingness to take risks, interact with our crowd, and create engagement all while smiling through the whole event. As a meeting partner, Carolyn is the best. Hiring Carolyn takes any stress off my plate knowing that whatever happens, it will be professionally handled. Before this year's event was over, we had already booked Carolyn for our next years event""

    MaryAnne Barwick, Director of Events RMDSA
"For three years, I brought Carolyn to the ASI Shows to speak to the promotional products industry about sales success. Her scores and comments were consistently great, and I highly recommend booking Carolyn to work with your company. She is incredibly smart, easy to work with and fun to be with, and she creates incredible value for our Show attendees."

    Kerry Boderman, Education Director at ASI
"We were fortunate to have Carolyn faciliate a day of training for our mid level managers and sr. leaders. From the first time we spoke on the phone, I knew she was the right speaker for our team! She is not the kind of Trainer/Speaker that accepts the job and then shows up the day of, knowing nothing of your employees. Every single aspect was customized to our needs and culture. We had a few skeptics at the beginning of the day, but by the end, EVERYONE was engaged! ALL of our managers have begun implementing some of the practices learned that day, and are excited to share their learnings with their teams. If you are looking for a NON cookie cutter, educational, fun speaker or trainer - Look no further!! Her ability to bring together teams, provide mangerial training in a way that doesnt look or feel like the "typical boring corporate training" is unmatched. I look forward to working with her again soon!"

    Robin Martin, Human Resource Director, CaseMate Intl.

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